At that moment Israel Adesanya had the UFC world — and even hollywood megastar Matt Damon — in the palm of his hand.

Nothing shows the headaches and triumphs created by the UFC 234 rollercoaster like the reactions from the front row VIP stars plonked next to UFC boss Dana White during Sunday’s event at Rod Laver Arena in Melbourne.

Adesanya briefly crossed that enigmatic line between UFC fighter and superstar when Damon and White both jumped to their feet and started trading stunned high five clasps after witnessing the Kiwi fighter’s freakish first round dominance.

“We were just like, ‘holy s***,’” White said in the post-match press conference.

“We were saying what everyone else was. This is awesome. What a great round. It was like a kung fu movie. It was fun to see two super talented guys, the up-and-coming kid and the living legend, go at it like they did.”

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