Petra Kvitova captured the hearts of the tennis world at the Australian Open. Picture: AFP
Petra Kvitova captured the hearts of the tennis world at the Australian Open. Picture: AFPSource: AFP

Australian Open finalist Petra Kvitova testified in the Czech Republic on Tuesday at the trial of the man who allegedly knifed her in her home.

After the December 2016 attack in her home in Prostejov, Kvitova had surgery on injuries to her playing left hand. It took the tennis star more than five months to recover.

Her testimony was requested by a lawyer for the suspect, the 33-year-old Radim Zondra.

Kvitova didn’t enter the trial courtroom in a regional court in the city of Brno, but testified by live video feed from a separate room to avoid facing the suspect.

In her testimony that was recorded by Czech public television, Kvitova offered some graphic details of the attack.

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It’s possible it is just an involuntary body movement – but if Tomic thinks he’s a charming Han Solo-like rogue, viewers seemed to agree he’s wrong.


Throughout the interview Tomic continually winked, sometimes seemingly directed at 60 Minutes reporter Allison Langdon.


“What was with the winking throughout?” Victorian state MP Philip Dalidakis simply asked.


Others weren’t so kind.


Tomic’s constant, and odd, winking aside, he came across OK in that interview despite the #60Minutes interviewer having a clear bias. Wally Masur’s comments were terrific, particularly pointing out Hewitt’s place, and some of the best I’ve heard from a TA employee.

— Marc McGowan (@ByMarcMcGowan) February 3, 2019


What was with the winking throughout? It was weird. Not sure whatever advice he received to do this interview was wel thought out #tomic

— Philip Dalidakis MP (@philipdalidakis) February 3, 2019


Bernard Tomic winking like he’s proud of his reputation is really unsettling #60minutes

— Eliza Velk (@elizavelk) February 3, 2019


Reckon Bernard Tomic constantly winking at Allison Langdon pretty much sums him up. Cringeworthy.

— Ben Dorries (@bendorries76) February 3, 2019


Genuine Bernard Tomic question….is it a tick or overuse of a very unsexy wink?

— Peter Ford (@mrpford) February 3, 2019


My stance is if he keeps winking at her like that I hope Allison knocks him out! Creepy character. Can’t stand him, absolute loser! #60Mins #Tomic

— Lauren (@CoutmanLauren) February 3, 2019

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