LANCE Armstrong lived a lie in disgrace, trading his integrity for medals, fame and cash. The belated truth is costing him heavily.

Five years after the Oprah interview, in which the world-class cyclist admitted his years of deceit, the truth being that he had taken performance-enhancing drugs to help him win numerous Tours de France, Armstrong briefly looked back at what the cost has been in order for him to sleep at night.

“In excess of 100 mil,” Armstrong recently said in an email to USA Today Sports as part of a look inside the hell of his own making.

Before the January 17, 2013, airing of his coming clean — a simple “yes” to a question of if he had taken banned substances in his career — Armstrong attacked at every mention that his medals weren’t honestly won, suing and fighting and publicly accosting, doing anything to try to keep the pure image of a cancer survivor who bravely and fairly fought back to capture seven Tour titles.

His detractors haven’t forgotten the sham Armstrong kept up for so long, and the truth has given them further incentive.

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